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Fellows of the British Pharmacological Society are members who have demonstrated distinction and peer recognition in pharmacology.
Fellows have made, and may continue to make, substantial contributions to the disciplines of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, through their work, publication and presentation of research, leadership, and contribution to Society life.

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This directory has been created to increase the visibility of our Fellows and their contributions, and to support networking by providing a useful resource for members to connect with Fellows with similar areas of interest.

Here you can find profiles of each Fellow, including information on their institutional affiliation, year elected, primary professional setting, affinity group membership, and a short biography.

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Professor Ruth Andrew

Ruth Andrew is a pharmacist whose research has dissected the roles of glucocorticoid hormones in metabolic disease.

Dr Stephen Ankier

Stephen Ankier completed a PhD in pharmacology at the School of Pharmacy in London (1967) and then joined Allen & Hanbury’s where he directed a preclinical unit to evaluate novel compounds in the search for new medicines.

Professor Daniel Anthony

Daniel Anthony is Professor of Experimental Neuropathology in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford where he explores the contribution of inflammation to CNS injury and disease.

Dr John Armstrong

Mike Armstrong was awarded a BSc in Applied Biology by Bath University in 1967 and a PhD in Pharmacology by London University in 1975 while employed at the Wellcome Research Laboratories.

Dr Maria Augusta Arruda

Maria Augusta Arruda holds a BSc.

Dr Aisah Aubdool

Aisah Aubdool is a Lecturer in Cardiovascular Pharmacology at Queen Mary University of London.

Dr Daren Austin

Daren first trained in Theoretical Physics, before moving to Clinical Pharmacology by way of a Wellcome Trust Training Fellowship in Biomathematics.

Professor David Back

David Back is Professor (Emeritus) of Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool and has been at the forefront of studies on Pharmacokinetics and drug–drug interactions of some key areas of drug therapy including oral contraceptives, anti-HIV drugs and drugs for treatment of Hepatitis C.

Dr Sarah Bailey

Dr Sarah Bailey is Head of Pharmacology Group and a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology at the University of Bath.

Professor Jillian Baker

After obtaining my medical degree from the University of Nottingham, I completed my Junior doctor training in Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham City Hospital and Derbyshire Royal Infirmary.