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Prizes, awards and grants

Our prizes, awards and grants recognise the contributions of our members to pharmacology in all its forms and throughout their careers.


AJ Clark Studentship

31 Oct 2018

This studentship enables young scientists to carry out research in pharmacology. Winners will receive nearly £100,000 over three years to fund a PhD.

Teaching grants

01 Aug 2018

This grant supports the creation or development of educational tools and resources. Winners will receive up to £5,000.

Student Contribution to Pharmacology

01 Jul 2018

This prize recognises students' contributions to pharmacology.

Schachter Award

30 Jun 2018

This award supports postgraduate members to visit a laboratory to learn a new technique. Winners will receive up to £1,850 to cover the costs of travel, accommodation and food.

Bülbring Award

31 May 2018

This prize supports members in enhancing training opportunities following a career break. Winners will receive up to £10,000.

Dunlop Prize Lectureship

31 May 2018

This prize supports the professional development of early career clinical members. Winners will receive a prize of £500 plus expenses to support up to three lectures in the UK and Europe.

Grahame-Smith Prize

31 May 2018

This biennial prize recognises outstanding contributions to research in clinical pharmacology. Winners will receive £1,000 and an invitation to give a lecture at one of our meetings.

Rang Prize

31 May 2018

This annual prize recognises excellence in teaching. Winners will receive £1,000.

Student Choice Award for Excellence in Pharmacology Teaching

25 May 2018

This prize recognises exceptional teachers in pharmacology. Winners receive a trophy and an invitation to an awards ceremony at our annual meeting, Pharmacology.

Student events and lectures sponsorship

28 Apr 2018

Members can apply for up to £250 to help towards the costs of a speaker and networking event. You can explore topics in depth and share ideas with your peers.

Bill Bowman Prize Lectureship

31 Mar 2018

This prize supports professional development of early career, non-clinical members. Winners will receive £500 plus expenses to support two lectures.