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Aims & objectives

The British Pharmacological Society will promote and advance pharmacology, including clinical pharmacology in the following ways:

  • Assist, promote and encourage research and provide a forum for the presentation of pharmacology
  • Publish the results of research
  • Promote and encourage the education and training of pharmacologists
  • Publish resources in various forms
  • Promote and arrange conferences and meetings 

2017 Objectives

Driving the Society's strategy from 2018

  • Propose to the Society a new long term strategy to run from 2018, by conducting a full strategy review
  • Make recommendations on the facilities requirements, to match the Society's next 5-year strategy
  • Identify key health and disease challenges, alongside technical or scientific developments, to drive a scientific strategy for the Society for the next 5 years

Development and modernization of the Society’s equality and diversity policy to incorporate best practice into all the Society does

  • Foster greater inclusiveness in the Society, building on existing commitments to Equality & Diversity and member feedback

Working towards achieving greater financial resilience

  • Establish and consolidate BPS Assessment Ltd as a sustainable trading entity
  • Develop organisational capacity to identify and develop new commercial opportunities

Promoting the Society as a truly international organization, while being mindful of the value of existing international bodies and partner organizations

  • Create a roadmap for the Society's delivery of WCP 2022, with a view to being 'launch-ready' by WCP 2018  
  • Consolidate and grow participation by all members in the Society’s international networks in a sustainable way, informed and guided by a new International Advisory Group

Development of an integrated publications strategy

  • Create a long term editorial strategy for BJP and BJCP, focusing on development and growth
  • Investigate new ways of disseminating the outputs of pharmacological research

Greater matching of the Society’s activities to the needs of its Membership

  • Develop a deeper understanding of the requirements of employment sectors served by pharmacology, and deliver new activities to support them
  • Continue to retain and grow our membership in a balanced way, to encourage new and established pharmacologists to join and take an active role in the Society
  • Fully integrate Affinity Groups into key areas of the Society's activity
  • Enhance the Customer Relations Management system to begin to establish it as the Society's knowledge-management hub
  • Establish impact reporting for the Society
  • Generate a vision that grows the Pharmacology meeting to be the international, annual, flagship congress for pharmacologists 

Explaining the importance of pharmacology in the modern world by extending the Society’s education and outreach initiatives

  • Develop targeted information and signposting for basic, clinical and educational career pathways
  • Develop the Society's leadership within in vivo education and training
  • Develop our understanding of the pharmacology requirements of educators, and deliver new activities to support them
  • Engage more effectively with policy matters that directly affect pharmacology and clinical pharmacology
  • Publish the outcomes of the Focus on Pharmacology project, and ensure outputs and recommendations to inform the Society's long term strategy
  • Build capacity among members who can effectively represent the Society externally

Maintaining the Society’s central position in the promotion of clinical pharmacology, the promotion of safe and effective prescribing, and in the discovery and development of medicines in the UK

  • Engage strategically with our community and decision makers to protect and advance clinical pharmacology
Reflecting the increasingly multi-disciplinary nature of modern biomedical science by further developing collaborative activities with other Societies

Our partners & friends

The British Pharmacological Society works closely with other learned societies and organizations, reflecting the increasingly multi-disciplinary nature of modern biomedical science.