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Aims & objectives

The British Pharmacological Society will promote and advance pharmacology, including clinical pharmacology in the following ways:

  • Assist, promote and encourage research and provide a forum for the presentation of pharmacology
  • Publish the results of research
  • Promote and encourage the education and training of pharmacologists
  • Publish resources in various forms
  • Promote and arrange conferences and meetings 

2016 Objectives

Development and modernization of the Society’s equality and diversity policy to incorporate best practice into all the Society does

  • Conduct a systematic review of Equality & Diversity in the Society’s meetings, in order to better support the Society’s aims in providing equal opportunities

Work towards achieving greater financial resilience

  • Propose to Council areas for business development and strategies for implementation in support of the Society’s revenue diversification goals, to include:
  • Review and recommend an operational plan for the Society’s designated funds by June 2016 Council
  • Implement the Society’s new investment policy

Development of an integrated publications strategy

  • Within the framework of a new publishing contract, deliver increased quality, revenue, and long term planning to the Society’s journals, along with improvements to service for editors, authors, and readers
  • Build a robust link between the Society’s meetings, education and its journals through reviews, themed issues and other joint initiatives

Greater matching of the Society’s activities to the needs of its Membership

  • Continue to retain and grow our membership in a balanced way, to encourage new and established pharmacologists to join and take an active role in the Society
  • Drive and support the Society’s Affinity Groups
  • Deliver the outcomes of the Prizes & Awards Review to ensure these are fit for purpose
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the UK pharmacology Higher Education community, and deliver Society activities to support it

Explaining the importance of pharmacology in the modern world by extending the Society’s education and outreach initiatives

  • Conduct a full review into the contribution of pharmacology in the UK – the Focus on Pharmacology project
  • Increase the Society’s visibility and impact through at least two targeted policy campaigns during 2016
  • Establish a range of programmes to encourage and support members who represent the Society externally

Maintaining the Society’s central position in the promotion of clinical pharmacology, the promotion of safe and effective prescribing, and in the discovery and development of medicines in the UK

  • Create or develop an understanding of the value of Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics to the NHS among targeted groups, and through harnessing the expertise of project ambassadors
  • Interact with other Clinical Pharmacology Societies and groups, in order to underpin the UK’s position as an international centre of excellence in the field
  • Engage with international partner organisations in order to demonstrate the value of safe and effective prescribing worldwide

Reflect the increasingly multi-disciplinary nature of modern biomedical science by further developing collaborative activities with other Societies

  • Develop an international engagement strategy, in order to guide future collaborations with other Societies around the world
  • Underline the broader impact of pharmacology by developing the Society’s public engagement and outreach programmes in tandem with partner organisations

Our partners & friends

The British Pharmacological Society works closely with other learned societies and organizations, reflecting the increasingly multi-disciplinary nature of modern biomedical science.