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Aims & objectives

In 2020, we will deliver the following activities, mapped to our new strategic objectives:

To remove barriers to participation and success, while welcoming equality and celebrating diversity, and being inclusive in all we do.
  • Demonstrate our commitment to the wellbeing of our employees through the further development of a supportive, open and fun work environment
  • Development of specific and tangible EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion) recommendations arising from our 2018 review, and a plan for implementation.
To set the agenda in education and skills
  • Ensure our careers resources and activities improve connectivity with employers.
  • Develop approaches to meet learning / educator needs and use these to explore market potential where appropriate
To be the leader in the dissemination of world-class research related to pharmacology and therapeutics
  • Help the Society to communicate its expertise and unique contribution to members, the public and key stakeholder groups more clearly, accessibly and engagingly
  • Develop a clear and effective meetings marketing process
  • Build a network of scientific committees and sponsors for WCP2022
  • Decide and implement Annual Meeting plan for 2020-2024
  • Deliver a robust and integrated editorial strategy for the BPS journals that serves the pharmacology community and can withstand changes in open science
  • Explore options for new and innovative ways to communicate the outputs of pharmacological research.
To engage patients and partners in the NHS in our advocacy for fundamental and clinical research, as well as contributing to strategic leadership
  • Continue to deliver the Prescribing Safety Assessment to a high standard across all UK Medical Schools
  • Continue to iterate the Clinical Pharmacology Skills Alliance’s (CPSA) action plan with key partners, and implement on an agile basis
To sustain a skilled workforce that supports the development of novel therapeutics
  • Deliver high quality training and education activities with a focus on skills
To lead the formation of valuable networks that reflect our position at the heart of the global pharmacology community
  • As part of the next phase of the BPS Ambassador Scheme roll-out, establish Ambassador Co-ordinators as a working group to support delivery and development of the Society's engagement activities
  • Update our membership strategy, with a view to increasing the relevance of the BPS to its members and to the broader pharmacological community
To deliver clear, relevant and accessible advice to policy makers
  • Continue to build the Society's reputation as a trusted advisor by contributing to consultations, participating in policy events and promoting the expertise of our membership
To nurture strategic partnerships across disciplines and sectors
  • Ensure that all projects in our work are developed in collaboration and consultation with sector partners and related disciplines at the appropriate stage
To define, monitor and respond to strategic areas of scientific priority
  • Consider and advise upon the role played by pharmacology clinical pharmacology and therapeutics in responding to global health challenges and scientific or technological developments, working with key stakeholders, including through the Society's Scientific Advisory Panel.
We will underpin our activities by focusing on sustainability, resource and infrastructure, in the following areas:
  • To establish and consolidate BPSA as a sustainable trading entity by achieving revenue targets and developing new income streams, adjusting the team structure to achieve this as required.
  • To ensure the development and maintenance of a robust and reliable online platform for the dissemination of both BPSA and BPS digital products and services.
  • To ensure all products and services delivered from the platform meet the standards of quality required by a learned and professional society and its trading subsidiary.
  • Implement the findings from the 2018 systematic review of activity to generate increased value, increased income and greater efficiency.
  • Enhance the Customer Relations Management system to continue to establish it as the Society's knowledge-management hub, by training and development of staff, improving the usability of the CRM.
Underpin this with a review of the key supplier working relationship, a review of the appropriateness of the CRM solution itself, and preparation for tendering the CRM and key supplier in 2020.
  • Continue to ensure that our data protection practices are driven by compliance, and develop ways in which our staff and members can use data effectively to further the aims of the Society
  • Implement the findings of the 2018 external review of committees and groups