Awards Terms & Conditions

Prospective applicants for prizes and awards should consider the following information before preparing a submission:

  • There is a limit of one award per person, per year.
  • Previous recipients will not be considered again for the same award

Applications are reviewed by the Awards Panel. The Panel also delegates responsibility to other committees for certain awards. Applications are reviewed by at least 75% of the Panel before an award is made. Reviewing is conducted anonymously; members submit their reviews to their staff lead who collates scores before sharing the outcome to the Panel. Applications will be reviewed by at least 75% of the Panel before a decision is made

Panel members must declare a conflict of interest and will not take part in a review in the event of the following:

  • Applied or been nominated
  • Co-authored a publication with one of the applicants within the last 5 years
  • Has an active joint-grant with one of the applicants
  • Applicant is a current student of the member
Applicants are informed of the outcome by email. Unsuccessful applicants will have their submission carried over to the next round, if they are one of the first two runners up and their total score is at least 60% of the winning score.

Winners will be asked to complete a payment form, so that the Society can transfer prize money. Certain grants will require an invoice from the winner's institute. If recipients do not take up their degree, research project or studentship, they must return the award.

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