About Focus on Pharmacology

Focus on Pharmacology is an ambitious programme of work that aims to provide a better understanding of the current state of pharmacology teaching in the UK, alongside taking a broader look at the value of the discipline to the health and wealth of the UK.

We know that pharmacology helps tackle pressing health, social and economic challenges around the world by enabling:

  • ‚ÄčInnovative research
  • Medicines discovery and development
  • Efficient, safe healthcare and prescribing
  • Informed decision making

Focus on Pharmacology will help gather the latest evidence about the teaching and application of pharmacology, and turn this into advice for educators, policy makers, Vice Chancellors – and importantly shape the Society’s own plans.

We expect the project to inform us about how the Society can best promote and advance our discipline in the coming years, and how to better support our current and future members in their places of work and study. We want to know how we can best equip ourselves to support pharmacology, from attracting the right students to continuing professional development.

The Society has engaged diverse communities served by pharmacology, in order to identify where support and collaboration would be of benefit. We have worked to consult with, build and support the community of pharmacology educators, and have also hosted frank and honest discussions with different industrial sectors – from the pharmaceutical industry, to contract research organisations and 
biotechnology companies – as well as other communities currently affected by pharmacology skills gaps.

In addition to this community engagement, over the course of Focus we have: