Pitching your content to the BPS

The BPS is always looking to publish interesting and unique content about key pharmacological topics, new research, projects, and engagement and networking events you have organised or been a part of.

We are open to pitches from anyone with an idea they are keen to develop into a blog (400-600 words), longform article (800-1,100 words) or a video (1-10 minutes long, talking to camera or conducting an interview). In addition, we will put out calls throughout the year for content on specific topics.

When pitching content, we encourage you to consider how to make your idea accessible and easy to understand, inform readers about your key topic, and inspire our audience, which spans from undergraduates and early career members to senior academics and world-leading industry scientists.

How to pitch your idea

Pitching is simple – all you need to do is fill out the short form below, outlining what your content would be about and the format you intend to use.

Our editors will review your pitch, and we will inform you of our decision as soon as possible. For approved pitches, we will then work with authors to develop a timeline for publication and support them in making their idea come to life.

Complete the form below to submit your pitch:

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Key topics for pitching

We encourage pitches covering all pharmacological topics, but we are currently actively seeking content about:

  • Artificial intelligence (in pharmacology, wider sciences, and academia)
  • Sustainable pharmacology (from drug discovery and development to manufacturing, distribution, and disposal)
  • New treatment modalities
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Therapeutic inequality and unmet health needs
  • Pride 2024 (to be published in June 2024)
  • Black History Month 2024 (to be published in October 2024)

Developing your content

Once your pitch is approved, our team of editors will support you in developing the idea. They will peer review your draft, and provide supportive feedback before the final draft is completed.

For tips on creating blog, longform and video content, download our content development guide (also available as a webpage).
We also ask authors and creators to download and follow our writing style guide.