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Fellows' Directory

Fellows of the British Pharmacological Society are members who have demonstrated distinction and peer recognition in pharmacology.
There are currently 291 Fellows, all of whom have made, and may continue to make, substantial contributions to the disciplines of pharmacology, clinical pharmacology and therapeutics, through their work, publication and presentation of research, leadership, and contribution to Society life.

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This directory has been created to increase the visibility of our Fellows and their contributions, and to support networking by providing a useful resource for members to connect with Fellows with similar areas of interest.

Here you can find profiles of each Fellow, including information on their institutional affiliation, year elected, primary professional setting, affinity group membership, and a short biography.

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Professor A. Mark Evans

Professor Evans developed an interest in Pharmacology when working as a research technician at Beecham Pharmaceuticals.

Dr Lorna Ewart

Lorna obtained an honours degree in Pharmacology from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD from Sir John Vane’s William Harvey Research Institute, University of London.

Professor Robin Ferner

Robin Ferner is Director of the West Midlands Centre for Adverse Drug Reactions, a Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist in Birmingham, and Honorary Professor at the University of Birmingham, where he has helped to teach the safe and rational use of medicines for over 20 years.

Professor Albert Ferro

Albert Ferro studied Medicine at King’s College London (1978-1984), obtaining a 1st Class Honours intercalated BSc degree in Biochemistry in 1981 along the way.

Professor Kevin Fone

I obtained my BSc in Pharmacology and PhD from Liverpool University and moved to The University of Nottingham as a post-doctoral research fellow, where I remain today.

Professor Gary Ford

Professor Ford is Chief Executive of the Oxford Academic Health Science Network, Visiting Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at Oxford University and Consultant Stroke Physician at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Professor Allison Fryer

Dr Fryer earned her MS in Pharmacology from Chelsea College, and PhD with Dr Jenny Maclagan at the Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine, University of London.

Professor Paul Gard

Paul Gard graduated from the University of Nottingham with BSc Joint Honours Psychology and Pharmacology in 1979.

Professor Christopher Garland

I am Professor of Vascular Pharmacology at Oxford University and a Fellow of Magdalen College, where I teach science and medical students.