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Early Career Pharmacologists

The British Pharmacological Society represents around 2,500 undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and recent graduates from around the world. Young members are defined as those in any class of membership who are not more than five years post PhD or medical qualification.

The Early Career Pharmacologists Advisory Group coordinates a number of projects to raise the profile of pharmacology by involving the Society’s younger members. These activities include the ‘How do drugs work’ video series, networking events and scientific symposia.

Excellence in Pharmacology Teaching Award: Student Choice

This award was set up by the younger members in 2014 to recognise excellence in teaching. Students are invited to nominate individuals they believe to be exceptional teachers. Short-listed nominees and their nominators are invited to the welcome reception at Pharmacology where the winner is announced.


The Early Career Pharmacologists Group has organised a symposium at the Society’s Annual Meeting since 2009.

Networking events

The Early Career Pharmacologists Group, in collaboration with our sister societies, organises networking events at meetings of national and international organisations including IUPHAR and EPHAR.

Societies and sponsored events

The Society supports and encourages younger members in setting up pharmacology societies/clubs at their institutions. In addition, it offers financial support to student pharmacology (or pharmacology related) societies to organize a Society sponsored lecture or event at their institution. Find out more.

Young Life Scientists (YLS) Symposia

The Society, in collaboration with the Biochemical Society and Physiological Society, provides emerging scientists with an opportunity to organise their own symposium, network and build new contacts. The winning group is offered funding and support to manage its own YLS event.


Early Career Pharmacologists sold  ‘I heart pharmacology’ T-shirts at UK and international events to raise money towards bursaries for African scientists to attend WorldPharma 2014. T-shirt sales and other donations raised over £17,000.


The Early Career Pharmacologists Advisory Group have set out their vision and plans for supporting early career members and the wider pharmacology community in the coming years – find out more about their plans here.

Voice of the Future

Voice of the Future is a prestigious event that gives young scientists the opportunity to quiz MPs and Ministers about science policy and other scientific affairs within government. The Early Career Pharmacologists represented the Society at the recent event.

If you have any questions or comments, or if you would like more information about what we offer our Early Career members, please do not hesitate to contact the office.