Our Principles for Working with Commercial Third-Party Partners

The Society’s principles for working with commercial third-party partners are as follows:

Principle 1:  Identify and understand the benefits


The Society’s charitable mission is to promote and advance pharmacology, for the public benefit.

Principle 2:  Value the Society’s time, reputation, and other resources

The Society is the primary UK learned society concerned with research into drugs and the way they work. With an international member base of over 4000 individuals working in academia, industry, regulatory agencies and the health services, the Society covers the whole spectrum of pharmacology. Pharmacology is a key knowledge and skills base for developments in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, and is therefore fundamental to a thriving UK industry and R&D.  

The Society publishes three scientific journals: the British Journal of Pharmacology, the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, and Pharmacology Research and Perspectives.

When we engage with commercial third-party partners, we will recognise the value of the Society’s resources, including its name, reputation and the time invested by its members and staff. We will work to ensure that a consistent and fair value is placed on these resources across the Society’s activities when partnering with commercial third parties, by improving coordination between staff, members, and partners.

By doing this, we will also ensure that the Society’s charitable resources cannot be used to provide an excessive level of private profit for individuals or private companies, in line with charity regulation and best practice.

Principle 3:  Ethics and independence

Integrity is at the heart of the Society’s mission, and we are committed to developing our revenue streams in a sustainable and ethical way.  As a learned society, charity and membership organisation, it is also vital that the Society retains its independent voice to promote and advance pharmacology. When we engage with commercial partners, we will ensure the highest ethical standards and comply with best practice in charity regulation

Principle 4:  Documentation and records


As a responsible charity, the Society is committed to good governance, including appropriate record-keeping and legal agreements, particularly where personal data may be involved.