Films on pharmacology

The British Pharmacological Society has partnered with Zinc Media to produce a series of complementary and informative films. These films will celebrate innovation and collaboration across the industry, and highlight the impact this has on millions in the pursuit for patient health.

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Richmond Pharmacology

The drug development landscape is changing rapidly and modern medicines, such as gene editing therapies, are enabled by the latest scientific breakthroughs. As the technologies development so must the skills of the scientists and healthcare professionals who drive their progress.

A career in clinical research can lead to many opportunities within the NHS, academia, and commercial research organisations. In the first film in our series, hear from Richmond Pharmacology members as they explain the variety of roles and training opportunities in early phase clinical trials and how they ensure their staff remain at the cutting edge of drug development.

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To discuss this exciting opportunity in more detail, including how to be involved in the development of the program, and the funding model behind it, please contact Adam Harrod, Director of Business Programming ( or David McDowell, Director of Partnerships (