Pharmacology Matters is the Society’s digital magazine. It is free to access and available to read on our website. Articles for Pharmacology Matters are collected into three issues each year and issues are promoted through an email newsletter to Society members. The Editorial Board - made up of members of the Society - select and edit the content.

How can I get involved with Pharmacology Matters?

As an author

If you have an idea for an article, you can email us with a brief pitch, which includes:

  • A draft title
  • A summary of what your article is about
  • An outline of your article – headings and a sentence summary of each section
  • The target audience
  • The purpose of your article - what do you want the audience to think, feel or do after reading your piece?

If you are an early career pharmacologist, look out for our annual writing competition. Read the 20192020 and 2021 winning articles.

Read our author guidelines for more information.

Please note: there are no author publication fees associated with Pharmacology Matters. 

As an editor

The role of an editor involves:

  • Helping to decide the content of each issue
  • Commissioning and developing articles
  • Writing articles
  • Advocating for and promoting Pharmacology Matters
  • Making recommendations for growth and development

We regularly recruit new members to the Editorial Board. Look out for opportunities on social media and our volunteer with us page on the Society’s website. 

Why should I get involved in Pharmacology Matters?

As an author

Through publishing an article in Pharmacology Matters, you will:

  • Develop transferable skills including writing, editing and communicating complex ideas to different audiences
  • Build your portfolio of work
  • Enhance your profile in the pharmacology community
  • Increase the visibility of the topic you have chosen to write about

As an editor

As a member of the Pharmacology Matters Editorial Board, you will:

  • Develop your written and editorial skills
  • Improve your pharmacology and Society networks by collaborating with editors and authors
  • Help develop the magazine
  • Have your say about the types of content and topics the magazine should publish about
  • Write articles relating to your areas of interest
  • Learn about the publishing process

Who reads Pharmacology Matters?

Pharmacology Matters' audience is primarily Society members based in the UK, though it also has some international reach. Readers span career stages but are mostly students or early in their careers. Pharmacology Matters is open to be read and shared by anyone. 

Copyright: can I reproduce an article or an image from Pharmacology Matters?

In most cases, the Society owns the copyright to articles published in Pharmacology Matters and you will need written approval from the Society if you would like to reuse these articles. In some cases, the author owns the copyright to their article, and you would need to request approval from them directly.

Please contact us with any copyright requests or questions.


Opinions expressed in Pharmacology Matters are not necessarily those of the British Pharmacological Society. The publishers and authors cannot accept liability for errors or omissions.