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Case Studies


A variety of case studies that illustrates the diversity of roles within pharmacology.

Aidan Seeley

07 Sep 2017 in Academic and NHS

Aidan is a research scientist, lecturer and Deputy Programme Director in BSc Medical...

Aisah Aubdool

07 Sep 2017 in Industry

Aisah is a postdoctoral researcher at the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary...

Anna Zecharia

24 Aug 2020 in Industry

Anna is Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the British Pharmacological Society.<...

Christine Edmead

25 Aug 2020 in Academic and NHS

Christine is a Senior Lecturer/ Director of Studies at the University of Bath.What...

Dave Smith

in Industry

Dave is a Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca on the Cambridge Science Park with experience in...

Elizabeth Finding

17 Aug 2020 in Academic and NHS

Elizabeth is a post-doctoral research Fellow at the Royal Veterinary CollegeWhat...

Elliot Lilley

07 Sep 2017 in Industry

Elliot is a senior scientific officer at the RSPCA.What is your career pathway to...

Fiona Russell

13 Nov 2018 in Academic and NHS

Fiona is a Freelance Science and Maths Tutor and Science Education Consultant

Florence Johnson

07 Sep 2017 in Project Management

Florence is a research and impact officer at Kidney Research UK.What is your...

Joanna Owens

25 Aug 2020 in Industry

Joanna is a freelance science writer and editor.What is your career pathway to...