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Case Studies


A variety of case studies that illustrates the diversity of roles within pharmacology.

Aidan Seeley

07 Sep 2017 in Academic and NHS

Aidan is a research scientist, lecturer and Deputy Programme Director in BSc Medical...

Aisah Aubdool

07 Sep 2017 in Industry

Aisah is a postdoctoral researcher at the William Harvey Research Institute, Queen Mary...

Anna Zecharia

24 Aug 2020 in Industry

Anna is Director of Policy and Public Affairs at the British Pharmacological Society.

Christine Edmead

25 Aug 2020 in Academic and NHS

Christine is a Senior Lecturer/ Director of Studies at the University of Bath.What...

Dave Smith

in Industry

Dave is a Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca on the Cambridge Science Park with experience in...

Elizabeth Finding

17 Aug 2020 in Academic and NHS

Elizabeth is a post-doctoral research Fellow at the Royal Veterinary CollegeWhat...

Elliot Lilley

07 Sep 2017 in Industry

Elliot is a senior scientific officer at the RSPCA.What is your career pathway to...

Fiona Russell

13 Nov 2018 in Academic and NHS

Fiona is a Freelance Science and Maths Tutor and Science Education Consultant

Florence Johnson

07 Sep 2017 in Project Management

Florence is a research and impact officer at Kidney Research UK.What is your...

Joanna Owens

25 Aug 2020 in Industry

Joanna is a freelance science writer and editor.What is your career pathway to...