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Prescribing and patient safety

We champion safe and effective prescribing, and are proud of the role that clinical pharmacology has to play in improving patient care and safety. As part of our charitable mission, we are:

  • Promoting activities lead by clinical pharmacologists and allied healthcare professionals to improve patient care and safety related to medicines usage
  • Working together with the Medical Schools Council to develop the Prescribing Safety Assessment. The assessment allows all UK medical students to demonstrate their competencies in relation to the safe and effective use of medicines
  • Championing prescribing competency worldwide in partnership with local educators
  • Building online training tools for all NHS doctors and trainees to practice their prescribing skills


An elearning platform to support clinical pharmacology.

Prescribing Safety Assessment

A competency-based assessment to support safe and effective prescribing by UK medical graduates. Delivered in partnership with MSC Assessment.

Prescribing simulator

An online training tool for NHS doctors to practice their prescribing skills. We are working in partnership with elearning for healthcare to develop this tool.

A trusted provider of prescribing expertise

Read about the considerable experience of the British Pharmacological Society and its members.

HEE antimicrobial resistance (AMR) training resources

Health Education England have developed a training guide that signposts prescribers and other staff to educational materials.

Yellow card scheme

Guidance for healthcare professionals on reporting adverse incidents with medicines and medical devices in the UK.