Research funding from the Society

The Society offers different forms of funding to support pharmacology research. Take a look at some of the opportunities below:

AJ Clarke Studentship

The AJ Clarke studentship enables scientists with degrees in pharmacology or related disciplines to carry out research in pharmacology leading to the degree of PhD​

Bülbring award

The Bülbring award supports members returning to work following a career break.

Pickford award

The Pickford award provides career enhancing opportunities for members to fund a short term project or funding to visit to a laboratory to learn a new technique.

Schacter award

The Schacter award supports postgraduate members to visit an international laboratory to learn a new technique.

Vacation Studentships

Vacation Studentships aim to  encourage undergraduates to take pharmacology as a specialism by providing up to £1850 to cover living costs during a research project for up to 10 weeks.

Find out about personal grant funding from other organisations.