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Bülbring Award

Published: 31 May 2019 in Prizes and awards

This prize supports members in enhancing training opportunities following a career break. Winners will receive up to £10,000. This can be used to fund short term independent research projects or a visit to another labratory to learn a new technique.


Nominations will close on 31 May.


Nominees will need to:

  • have been a member for at least two years
  • have had at least a six-month career break within the last 18 months
  • have published at least two first author papers in the field of pharmacology
  • be on, or aiming for, an academic career track
  • be in full or part-time employment with at least six months remaining on their current contract
  • be supported by a letter from the grant or fund holder which pays the applicants salary (non-tenured positions)

Nominees will have preferably presented at a Society meeting in the last three years.


To nominate you must complete the online form and upload one PDF including:

  • a brief CV detailing career break with dates (max. two pages)
  • ​full list of publications
  • a breakdown summary of how the award will be used (max. one page).
  • letter from the grant holder (max. one page)
Apply now

Winners must submit a report within 12 months of receiving the award and update the Society on their career progress in the years following.

Bülbring Award

This award is named in honour of Edith Bülbring the second ever woman to become a member of the British Pharmacological Society.