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Vacation Studentships

This studentship encourages undergraduates to take pharmacology as a specialism. Winners will receive up to £1,850 for up to ten weeks (£185 per week) to help cover living costs during a research project. 


  • Student’s academic record and evidence of interest in research
  • Project quality and pharmacological relevance
  • Supervisor’s track record and academic environment


  • Applicants must be undergraduate members
  • Available to students based both in the UK and internationally
  • Must be supervised by a Society member of at least three years (who must be an Early Career Member in a post-doctoral position, a Full Member or Fellow)
  • Projects will be considered in areas including exploratory or applied pharmacology and experimental/translational medicine and clinical research
  • Supervisors are encouraged to only submit one application. If submitting more than one, applications must be ranked at the point of submission
  • Final year students may apply, but the award will only support a standalone project


You must complete the online form and upload a PDF including the following information. All documents must use Arial 11 and Moderate margins.

  • one page cover letter from the student outlining what they hope to gain from the studentship
  • one page transcript of academic record
  • one page outlining the research project
  • from the supervisor: one page containing
    • a statement on the student's suitability for a research project
    • confirmation that funds are available to cover the research
    • the duration of the project in weeks
    • a list of 3 recent and relevant publications from the host laboratory

Winners must submit a report on their project, provide a personal email address and update the Society on their career progression.

The deadline for applications: 17 March 2023.

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