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AJ Clark Studentship

Published: 01 Jan 2018 in Studentship

This studentship enables young scientists to carry out research in pharmacology. Winners will receive nearly £100,000 over three years to fund a PhD and free postgraduate membership.

Stipends, as of October 2017, are:

  • Year 1 – £18,527 in London and £16,364 elsewhere
  • Year 2 – £19,489 in London and £17,339 elsewhere
  • Year 3 – £20,432 in London and £18,294 elsewhere
The contribution to research costs is £10,000 per year, and students can claim up to £1,000 per year to support their attendance at non-Society meetings. Course fees will be paid at the rate applicable to EU students.


As a member you can nominate yourself or other members for this prize. If you are self nominating you will need to provide full contact details of two referees.

Apply before the 31 October 2018.

Apply now


Nominees will need to:

  • be a basic pharmacologists from the UK and Ireland
  • be involved in the prepartion of the project proposal