Honorary Fellows’ Directory

Honorary Fellows are elected for life by the British Pharmacological Society in recognition of sustained excellence and leadership in science, healthcare, and public service.
The Honorary Fellowship includes Nobel Laureates, international prize-winners, long-standing members of the Society, and those who have advanced the disciplines of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics through research, leadership and contribution to the British Pharmacological Society.

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This Directory has been created to increase the visibility of our Honorary Fellows and their contributions, and to support networking by providing a useful resource for members to connect with Honorary Fellows with similar areas of interest.

Here you can find profiles of each Honorary Fellow, including information on their institutional affiliation, year elected, primary professional setting, Affinity Group membership, along with a short biography.

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Professor Ian Kitchen

Professor Kitchen is CEO of REF2020 Consulting and retired Emeritus Professor of Neuropharmacology at the University of Surrey.

Professor Brian Kobilka

Brian Kobilka, MD is Professor of Molecular and Cellular Physiology, and Hélène Irwin Fagan Chair in Cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Professor Andrew Lawrence

Professor Andrew Lawrence is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow & Division Head at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience & Mental Health where he is leader of the Mental Health Research Theme and runs the Addiction Neuroscience laboratory.

Professor David Lawson

A native of Glasgow, David was educated at the High School of Glasgow and Glasgow University (MB 62, MD 73), and became Consultant Physician and Clinical Pharmacologist in Glasgow Royal Infirmary in 1973.

Professor Robert Lechler

Robert Lechler qualified in Medicine and trained in general medicine and nephrology.

Dr Melanie Lee

Dr Melanie Lee, PhD, CBE, is CEO of LifeArc.

Dr Gordon Lees

Gordon Lees served as Member of the BJP Editorial Board 1975-81; the Committee 1983-84; Secretary to the BJP Editorial Board 1984-90.

Professor Robert Lefkowitz

Robert J Lefkowitz, MD is James B Duke Professor of Medicine and Professor of Biochemistry and Chemistry at the Duke University Medical Center.

Professor Hilary Little

Hilary Little is a preclinical pharmacologist, currently a visiting Professor of Addiction Science at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, London.

Dr Judy MacArthur Clark

As Head of the Animals in Science Regulation Unit in the Home Office until 2016, Judy MacArthur Clark was responsible for regulating the use of animals in research throughout the UK for over eight years.