Honorary Fellowship

Honorary Fellows are elected for life by the British Pharmacological Society in recognition of sustained excellence and leadership in science, healthcare, and public service.
The Honorary Fellowship  includes Nobel Laureates, international prize-winners, long-standing members of the Society, and those who have advanced the disciplines of Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics through research, leadership and contribution to the British Pharmacological Society.


Full Members, Fellows and Honorary Fellows (including Retired Members and Fellows) may propose candidates for Honorary Fellowship. The proposal will require a seconder, who must also be a Member, Fellow or Honorary Fellow.


At least one of the following:

  • Sustained excellence in research, including drug discovery and development
  • Sustained excellence in teaching and outreach
  • Effective promotion of the discipline e.g. service on public bodies, organisational initiatives
  • Outstanding contributions to the British Pharmacological Society
  • Outstanding contributions to society through life and/or health sciences


Free - existing members elected to Honorary Fellowship will no longer pay an annual subcription.

Nomination deadline

30 April.

Download a nomination form