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Professor Jim Ritter

Professor Jim Ritter


Professor Jim Ritter HonFBPhS

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Jim trained in pharmacology under Humphrey Rang in WDM Paton’s department, where they discovered a new kind of drug antagonism, characterised by increased block when certain antagonists were co-administered with agonist. His post-doctoral training was in clinical pharmacology with CT Dollery at the RPMS, and focused on the human pharmacology of lipid-derived mediators. His clinical training was in the UK (Oxford) and, under Victor McKusick, at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He was appointed to a London University chair in clinical pharmacology in 1988, and led a group investigating human vascular pharmacology. He became emeritus Professor of Clinical Pharmacology (KCL) in 2009, working subsequently in Quintiles’ drug research unit at Guy’s and currently in GSK’s unit (Addenbrooke’s), advising on the introduction of new drugs and biologics to man. He is co-author of Rang and Dale’s “Pharmacology” and was editor-in-chief of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2008-15).