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Professor Anthony Cox

Professor Anthony Cox


Professor Anthony Cox FBPhS


University of Birmingham

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Anthony is a clinical pharmacist and academic, who has worked with clinical pharmacologists and the pharmacy profession to improve medicines safety. His scholarship is largely concerned with drug safety issues, such as improving pharmacovigilance communications and the reporting of harms, the patient experience of adverse drug reactions, interventions to reduce inappropriate opiate prescribing, and deprescribing of inappropriate medicines. He has been a highly visible advocate for the Yellow Card Scheme. In 2019 he was one of the signatories of the Erice Statement 2019, Improving the detection, analysis, and reporting of harms in medicines and devices. He has published a number of book chapters on drug safety issues. On the educational front, Anthony has developed a new pharmacy programme that integrates drug safety and pharmacovigilance in the curriculum. He was a founder of the Script Prescribing Safety Educational project. At a national level, his research on undergraduate teaching of pharmacovigilance has been influential, and he has contributed to national learning outcomes for pharmacy, emphasising the importance of pharmacology and medicines safety.