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Professor Jillian Baker

Professor Jillian Baker


Professor Jillian Baker FBPhS


The University of Nottingham

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After obtaining my medical degree from the University of Nottingham, I completed my Junior doctor training in Queen’s Medical Centre, Nottingham City Hospital and Derbyshire Royal Infirmary. I then began Specialist Registrar training in Respiratory Medicine in Nottingham and was awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinical Training Fellowship to do a basic science PhD in Pharmacology in Nottingham under the supervision of Prof Steve Hill and Prof Ian Hall. Having obtained a PhD (2004), I found I loved both research and clinical medicine so much that I wanted to pursue a joint career. I was fortunate to be awarded a Wellcome Trust Clinician Scientist Fellowship (2004-2010) to continue my research whilst completing my clinical training. In 2010, I became an honorary Consultant in Respiratory Medicine in Queen’s Medical Centre and in 2013 a Professor of Drug Discovery and Respiratory Medicine in the School of Life Sciences.