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Professor Emma Robinson

Professor Emma Robinson


Professor Emma Robinson FBPhS


University of Bristol

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Emma completed her BSc in Pharmacology in Bristol in 1995 and PhD in Psychopharmacology in 1999 supervised by Prof David Nutt, Dr Alan Hudson and Dr Helen Jackson. She was awarded an RCUK Academic Fellowship, co-funded by the BPS Integrative Pharmacology Fund, which provided an opportunity to work at the University of Cambridge, Experimental Psychology Department with Profs Trevor Robbins and Jeffery Dalley. Now based in Bristol’s School of Physiology, Pharmacology and Neuroscience, Emma’s research investigates the neural and neurochemical mediators of normal cognitive and emotional behaviour and their disruption in psychiatric disorders, particularly depression. Her work on novel rodent models for depression research has also provided an opportunity to undertake objective assessments of laboratory animal welfare. Alongside research, Emma is involved in teaching across the science and professional programmes; development of online learning resources; and is actively involved in public engagement in science, including organising the Bristol Neuroscience Festival.