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Professor Christopher Goldring

Professor Christopher Goldring


Professor Christopher Goldring FBPhS


The University of Liverpool

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CG has more than twenty years of experience of molecular bioanalysis, working with cell culture, in vitro and in vivo models, particularly looking at how the liver responds to pharmaceutical compounds. He leads the molecular and cellular toxicology group within the Centre for Drug Safety Science (CDSS), a UK centre based at the University of Liverpool, with a critical mass of scientists studying mechanisms of adverse reactions to therapeutics. He is coordinator of the Innovative Medicines Initiative project TransQST (2017-2022), which develops quantitative systems toxicology models to improve our understanding of adverse drug reactions, his group is investigating new liver biomarkers in the new IMI Transbioline biomarker pipeline project (2019-2023), and is on the management board of the UK 3Dbionet project to enhance uptake of 3D in vitro models. CG is Programme Director of the Pharmacology degree programme at Liverpool.