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Dr Robert Henderson

Dr Robert Henderson


Dr Robert Henderson FBPhS


University of Cambridge

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My initial training was as an electrophysiologist, working on epithelial ion transport, first as a graduate student and then a postdoc in London, and then in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology at Yale University. I left Yale in 1988 to join the world of pharmacology, embodied in Alan Cuthbert's Department in Cambridge where initially I worked with him on the effects of kinins on membrane transport. Subsequent to my appointment to a Lectureship, from the mid-1990s my research has focused on the use of atomic force microscopy in the study of biological molecules at the nanoscale, including nucleic acids and various membrane proteins and receptors, focusing in some cases on structural changes elicited by pharmacological agents. The atomic force microscopy works has been in collaboration with numerous colleagues in Cambridge and the UK, and notably with groups in Germany and Japan.