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Dr Nuala Helsby

Dr Nuala Helsby


Dr Nuala Helsby FBPhS


The University of Auckland

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Nuala Helsby is an associate professor at the School of Medical Sciences, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Nuala obtained her PhD from the University of Liverpool, where she first became interested in drug metabolism and pharmacogenetics. She has served as an executive editor of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology for seven years. She is Vice-chair of the Drug Metabolism and Transporter Section of IUPHAR and also serves on the board of the Australasian Society of Clinical and Experimental Pharmacologists and Toxicologists. She is also a contributor to the Cytochrome P450 pages of the IUPHAR/BPS guide to Pharmacology. Nuala has a particular interest the role of pharmacogenetics of drug metabolism and transport of anti-cancer drugs.