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Dr Nika Adham-Parangi MSc PhD

Dr Nika Adham-Parangi MSc PhD


Dr Nika Adham-Parangi MSc PhD FBPhS


Allergan Inc.

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Nika Adham, MSc,PhD FBPhS, Executive Director of Biological Research, External Science and Innovation at Allergan. Nika received her BSc degree in Biochemistry and Physiology from University of London (1979) and MSc and PhD degrees in Pharmacology from University of Southampton (1982 and 1986). Following a Post-Doctoral Fellow position at University of Birmingham (1986-1987), Nika started her pharmaceutical industry career in the USA. Nika brings 30+ years of drug discovery and development experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, working at Syntex, Neurex, Synaptic Pharmaceuticals, Schering-Plough Research Institute, Forest laboratories, Actavis and Allergan. Nika has expertise in the areas of CNS, Metabolic and GI disorders through all stages of drug development, from drug discovery to clinical development and drug approval. Responsibilities include extensive cross disciplinary internal & external collaborations. Recipient of several awards, including the Allergan Special Recognition Award for efforts and contributions towards the FDA approval of the antipsychotic, Vraylar and the Synaptic Pharmaceutical Recognition Award for innovative discovery.