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Dr Dorothy Aidulis

Dr Dorothy Aidulis


Dr Dorothy Aidulis


STEM Scotland Ltd

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I gained a First Class Degree (1989) and PhD (1995) in Pharmacology from Glasgow University, then worked in research posts in Glasgow, Newcastle and York before gaining a PGCE at the University of Durham (2000). I then taught Secondary Science in the North East of England, using my Pharmacology expertise to enrich the classes. In 2003 I returned to Glasgow University as lecturer, Head of the Level 3 Pharmacology programme and Deputy for “Drugs & Disease”, a 500-student prerequisite course. I established the annual Careers Afternoon for 3rd year Pharmacology students, re-embedded classical organ bath experiments, and instigated the “Creative Assignment” which developed broader skills and led to a BPS Educational Grant to produce “RecepTour”, a Pharmacology-based board game. In 2018 I left academia and founded my own science education Company, STEM Scotland Ltd. “Dr Dot’s Science Club” has become well established, and online Club and other digital resources are now in development, to enhance accessibility and to further scale the business. I am also developing Pharmacology activities for Primary age children and their families, and promote science and pharmacology wherever possible.