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Professor Daniel Anthony

Professor Daniel Anthony


Professor Daniel Anthony FBPhS


University of Oxford

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Daniel Anthony is Professor of Experimental Neuropathology in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford where he explores the contribution of inflammation to CNS injury and disease. Since 2004 Professor Anthony has also been a Fellow of Somerville College. In 1994, after his Glaxo-funded PhD at UCL, Daniel joined Hugh Perry in Oxford, on a British Biotechnology Fellowship to investigate how leukocyte-derived proteases cause damage to the brain. In 1998 he moved to Southampton University, as Lecturer in Neurobiology, before returning to Pharmacology in Oxford in 2004. A key to understanding disease in the brain is to identify biomarkers in the biofluids as measurable indicators of disease severity, prognosis, or therapeutic efficacy. His team has discovered biomarkers that can distinguish between different types of multiple sclerosis and whether someone has cancer (or not) early in the course of their disease. Another important focus has been to identify how extracellular vesicles, that are naturally released from cells, can communicate injury and stress signals to and from the brain and whether these communication pathways are amenable to therapeutic intervention.