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Dr Alister McNeish

Dr Alister McNeish


Dr Alister McNeish FBPhS


University of Reading

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I am a vascular pharmacologist studying modulation of constriction of the smooth muscle cells focusing on potassium channels and hyperpolarization. I am fascinated how natural products, often found in our food, affect physiology. My current focus being on omega-3 polyunsaturated acids and their specific modulation smooth muscle cell ion channels; key regulators of the contractile state of blood vessels. I believe that omega-3 fatty acids and their metabolites have “drug-like” properties and modulation of their structure can lead to development of novel treatments for cardiovascular diseases. My work has contributed to the development of cannabidiol (CBD) for treatment of epilepsy; here my focus was on the effect of CBD on behaviours related to comorbidities associated with epilepsy rather than anticonvulsive effects. I teach receptor pharmacology and cardiovascular therapeutics and am passionate about design of fair but discriminating assessments. As an advocate for public engagement I have previously been Vice president of Engagement at the BPS (2016-2020) and on the Engagement committee (previously PPE) since 2013. I served on the editorial board for the BJP (2011-2019).