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Council and Vice Presidents


Professor Sir Munir Pirmohamed

President (Trustee)

Dr Rachel Quinn

Appointed Trustee (Policy Impact)

Dr Laura Ajram

Elected Trustee (Early Career Pharmacologist)

Dr Emma Morrison

Elected Trustee (Clinical)

Professor Ian McFadzean

Elected Trustee (Senior Academic Leadership)

Professor Jane Mitchell

Elected Trustee (Research Dissemination)

Dr Melisa (Lisa) Wallace

Elected Trustee (General)

Professor Emma Baker

Vice President - Clinical (non-Trustee)

Dr Niall Hyland

Vice President - Meetings (non-Trustee)

Dr Alister McNeish

Vice President - Policy & Public Engagement (non-Trustee)

Organisational chart

You are welcome to contact any member of the team and we will do our best to help with your enquiry. Use the organisational chart to help you identify the best person to contact.