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Pharmacology Matters library

'Pharmacology Matters' is the magazine of the Society. Managed in-house, it is published three times a year, and is often themed around topics of special interest selected by the editorial team.

Editor-in-Chief: Margaret Cunningham
Managing Editor: Emma Needham


Diseases of global importance - July 2010

Size: 3.85 MB This issue focuses specifically on pharmacology and its application globally, examining the progress made in tackling diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, cardiovascular diseases and HIV.


Charles Darwin at 200 - December 2009

Size: 2.22 MB This issue contains an array of articles covering the discovery of DNA’s structure, the Human Genome Project, personalized medicines and the embracing of genetic techniques.


Clinical special issue - June 2009

Size: 2.3 MB This issue contains articles from the Chairman of NICE, Professor Sir Michael Rawlins and the then President of EACPT Professor David Webb.


Nutrition - April 2009

Size: 2.32 MB This issue looks at advances in nutritional pharmacology, edited by Professor Cherry Wainwright, focusing on the value of dietary components to cardiovascular health.


Celebrating achievements in pharmacology - December 2008

Size: 5.52 MB This issue highlights many of the Society’s activities, reflecting our commitment and contribution to pharmacology.


European pharmacology - June 2008

Size: 1.86 MB The first issue of Pharmacology Matters was made available to all EPHAR 2008 delegates to raise awareness of our activities to a pan European audience.