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Animal research

Animal research is essential for the development of new medicines and treatments, and the British Pharmacological Society supports the humane use of animals in the development of new medicines. We are a signatory of the Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK.

Curriculum for the use of research animals

The curriculum for the use of research animals aims to support the next generation of researchers in gaining the education, skills and understanding of animal welfare needed to carry out these vital studies.

The importance of animal research

Animal research advances our knowledge and understanding of how humans and animals work.

Research Animal Sciences Education Scheme (RASES)

We have partnered with The Physiological Society to support university bioscience educators in delivering high quality, comprehensive education focusing on research animal experimentation.

Get support

Reach out to us if you are a university bioscience educator looking for support. Our educator experts can help with teaching core learning outcomes for new or existing courses.

An evaluation of the Integrative Pharmacology Fund

An ambitious and forward-thinking evaluation of investment in in vivo research skills – with recommendations for the future of this important area of UK science.

Useful animal research organisations and content

Find out more about useful organisations and resources related to animal research.

Blinding eLearning Resource

Check out this free online resource developed by the Society on the topic of blinding as an integral part of good experimental design.