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Blinding eLearning resource

The Society supports in vivo education and training and recognises the need to close skills gaps across the sector. In recent years, the Society has supported in vivo education and training via two key projects – an evaluation of the Integrative Pharmacology Fund (IPF), and development of a curriculum for the use of research animals to support the next generation of researchers.

Working with expert educators, we have now produced this novel resource on blinding as an integral part of good experimental design. It serves as a useful learning and teaching tool for anyone needing to analyse literature and/or data generated from studies involving research animals.

The resource is aimed at undergraduates on bioscience degrees, and includes:​

  • an animation presenting a blinded experiment

  • formative multiple-choice questions on the topic of blinding
  • ​a literature review task


To access the resource, head to BPS Assessment, create an account, and head to the eLearning section. Please note - we advise that you access this resource via Google Chrome.

We would appreciate any feedback on the content, please get in touch at