Experimental Design eLearning Collection

The Society supports in vivo education and training and recognises the need to close skills gaps across the sector. In recent years, the Society has supported in vivo education and training by leading several important projects:

We have now produced a series of novel eLearning resources on the topic of experimental design. Working with our member experts and other leading organisations in the sector, including NC3Rs. These resources serve as a useful learning and teaching tool for anyone needing to analyse literature and/or data generated from studies involving research animals. So are ideal for undergraduates on any bioscience’s degree.

The resources cover a series of topics including blinding/masking or the importance of experimental unit. With more topics currently under development. We recognise that educators time to create their own content can be limited. Therefore, these free resources can be used as blended learning tools to compliment degree modules without excessively increasing students’ or educators’ time burden.

Each resource contains the following content which can be used in part or in full:‚Äč
  • an animation video introducing core concepts
  • a series of formative multiple-choice questions
  • ‚Äčadditional learning tasks such as a literature review


How do I access these resources?

The resources are accessible from the BPS Assessment website. Only your email address is needed to create a user account on the platform. Having registered and accessed the site, scroll down to the last of the series where you will find the resources for blinding and experimental unit. Click ‘start’ on either of those will enable you to activate the eLearning.


To access the resource, head to BPS Assessment, create an account, and head to the eLearning section. Please note - we advise that you access this resource via Google Chrome.

We would appreciate any feedback on the content, please get in touch at education@bps.ac.uk.