Research Animal Sciences Education Scheme (RASES)

Animal (or in vivo) experiments play an important role in biomedical research. They are essential to support the development of innovative, safe medicines that can ultimately improve human and animal health. It is therefore vital that we continue to educate future generations of scientists with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to understand the appropriate use of research animals in biomedical research.

The Research Animal Sciences Education Scheme (RASES) will support the dissemination and delivery of the BPS research animals learning outcomes to HEIs who run relevant BSc. or MSc biosciences programmes, as well as assist this group of academic experts to directly support other UK HEI educators to effectively implement the learning outcomes into their programmes.

Our mission

  • To promote implementation of the learning outcomes to any educator who teaches on a course that analyses literature and/or data generated from studies involving research animals
  • To develop support for educators with less experience teaching the learning outcomes
  • To invest in educator experts and protect UK knowledge in the delivery of the core and experiential learning outcomes

Our educator experts can help you to assess how well the learning outcomes are already integrated within your existing biosciences modules. They can provide advice and resources to assist you in delivering both the core and the experiential learning outcomes as relevant to your course. Support through the RASES is open to all academic educators and is free. Membership with the British Pharmacological Society is not required.

Educator experts

We have several educator experts from a range of HEIs around the UK. These institutions have established expertise in teaching the curriculum for the use of research animals.

The RASES educator experts currently run modules which embed both core and experiential learning outcomes. They will identify blended learning resources and innovative education approaches that could assist you in embedding relevant learning outcomes into your biosciences programmes.

If you are a biosciences educator and would like support embedding any of our learning outcomes into your course, do contact us at

We would like to thank the following institutions, and of course the educator experts themselves, for their time and expertise to support this scheme:

RASES Project Lead: