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Resources for educators

The resources on this page - from the Society and beyond - are designed to support pharmacology educators. Also, check out this list of resources compiled by the Society to support education during COVID-19.

Have a resource you would like to share? We would love to hear from you - please get in touch with us .​

Join our community of pharmacologists​

Become part of our community by joining the Society with an annual membership. You will enjoy a range of benefits, including: 

Teaching grants ​

Society members can apply for teaching grants to support the creation or development of educational tools and resources. We award up to £2,500 to each successful applicant, based on applications successfully aligning with our grant criteria. Applications are reviewed and scored by the Education and Training Committee.​

Educator’s Networking Meeting ​

Our annual Educator’s Networking Meeting is a free event that invites attendees to dive into pharmacology education, tackling common issues and providing a space for networking and sharing practice.​

Innovations in Pharmacology Education workshops ​

Educators can apply to demonstrate at our annual Innovations in Pharmacology Education Workshop at our annual Pharmacology conference. The interactive session covers innovative educational approaches, resources and tools, and is an excellent networking opportunity for educators.​

Prizes and awards 

Why not nominate your budding pharmacologists for one of our BPS Awards and Prizes? From the undergraduate pharmacology and student contribution to pharmacology prizes to vacation studentships and more, there are a variety of ways to help you recognise excellence in your students. There are also awards and prizes you can apply or nominate a colleague for to recognise excellence in pharmacology education. 

Postgraduate training courses in Pharmacology​

A resource from detailing current opportunities for postgraduate study and training in pharmacology​.

Funding and job opportunities in pharmacology​

There are a number of places you can direct students to when they are looking for opportunities and roles within pharmacology, including: ​

Students can also find out about funding for research available from the Society and from other organisations on our Finding Funding pages.

Writing a CV

How to write a great academic CV
A useful article from Nature on how to structure a CV for those applying for roles in academia​

How to write a non-academic CV ​
An article from Nature on how to put together a non-academic CV and the important differences from an academic CV.