Dr Robin Hiley

Dr Robin Hiley


Dr Robin Hiley HonFBPhS


University of Cambridge

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I am Emeritus Reader in Vascular Pharmacology and an Emeritus Fellow of Murray Edwards College. I read Medical and Natural sciences at King's Cambridge before my PhD in Molecular Pharmacology under the supervision of Sir Arnold. I was a lecturer at the University of Liverpool for fine years before returning in 1980 to Cambridge. My research interests are in endothelial factors and the actions of endocannabinoids and other lipid signalling molecules on vascular reactivity. I spent two sabbaticals and several summers in Strasbourg at the Faculté de Pharmacie Université Louis Pasteur and Marion Merrell Dow Research Center. I have also spent sabbaticals in King of Prussia, PA, and with Chris Garland and Kim Dora in Oxford. I was an editor of the BJP for seven years, and have been both the Vice-president Meetings and the Honorary Treasurer of the BPS. I am currently President of EPHAR.