Dr Flic Gabbay

Dr Flic Gabbay


Dr Flic Gabbay



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Flic Gabbay is a physician who has led innovative programmes and set standards in pharmaceutical medicine. In Parke Davis in the 80s, her group ran the Helsinki Heart Study, the first lipid lowering study that demonstrated that lipid regulation could reduce post infarct morbidity, and the team also oversaw the development of tacrine, the first anticholinesterase inhibitor for Alzheimer’s Disease. However, she is best known for developing antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals and working on AMR projects. She founded a CRO in 1990, sold it to PPD, became CEO of two small biotechs and cofounded the consultancy ,TranScrip which, since 2008 has supported R&D and regulatory work for over 300 companies. Her contributions also have included a role in establishing pharmaceutical medicine as a specialty. She chaired the working party that set up the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine and spent 9y as its Academic Registrar and is now its President seeking to strengthen its role and expand membership. She has participated in many global drug development guidance working parties. She is a Fellow of Academy of Medical Sciences and remains involved in numerous life sciences initiatives.