Dr David Criddle

Dr David Criddle


Dr David Criddle


The University of Liverpool

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David Criddle received his BSc(Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Leeds and PhD in Pharmacology from the University of Bath. Early interests included ion channel pharmacology and electrophysiology as a Research Associate at the University of Manchester. He subsequently moved to Brazil, working at universities in Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza. As Associate Professor he established a research group engaged in smooth muscle physiology and pharmacology, including evaluation of natural products. In 2002 he returned to the UK to investigate calcium signalling mechanisms in acute pancreatitis at the University of Liverpool and is currently Senior Lecturer in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Physiology, with particular focus on mitochondrial dysfunction and disease. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Pancreatic Society of Great Britain & Ireland and is currently a Council Member of the European Pancreatic Club. He maintains close collaborative links with Brazilian researchers, investigating mechanisms of acute and chronic pancreatitis with translational aims.