Dr Gillian Edwards MSc PhD

Dr Gillian Edwards MSc PhD


Dr Gillian Edwards MSc PhD FBPhS


The University of Manchester

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Honorary Lecturer, The University of Manchester; previously Lecturer in Molecular Pharmacology 2002–2016. Elected (FBPhS) 2006.1965-1972 Thornbridge Grammar School, Sheffield; King James’s School, Knaresborough1975 BSc Biology, University of Salford1981 MSc Pharmacology, University of Salford1988 PhD Pharmacology, University of Manchester 1989-2002: Research Fellow in the Smooth Muscle Pharmacology Group, University of Manchester: funded by Pfizer Central Research, the MRC and the British Heart Foundation. Primary interest pharmacology of smooth muscle K+ channels.2002-2016: Lecturer in Molecular Pharmacology, The University of Manchester. Research interests: endothelium-dependent hyperpolarisation of vascular smooth muscle (EDHF) and role (and pharmacology) of endothelial K+ channels and calcium-sensing receptors in the response; regulation of vascular tone by perivascular adipose tissue in health and dysfunction in ageing and obesity.1991-1998: Editor, Current Drugs1995-1999: Editor, British Journal of Pharmacology2000-2006: British Pharmacological Society Web Site Steering Group2008-2011: British Pharmacological Society Council