Dr Sylvia Dobbs MSc MD FRCP

Dr Sylvia Dobbs MSc MD FRCP


Dr Sylvia Dobbs MSc MD FRCP FBPhS


Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, King’s College London

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Graduated in medicine/MSc Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Manchester. Lecturer Clinical Pharmacology, Manchester and The Middlesex. Later Clinical Scientist (Head of Group) MRC Clinical Research Centre, Harrow. Currently Senior Clinical Researcher KCL.The aim, with John Dobbs, is an aetiopathogenic model for Parkinson’s disease (PD) and co-morbidities, taking into account the pre-clinical/prodromal ‘submerged iceberg’. We go beyond clinical diagnostic/severity scores, extending measures of facets, objective where possible, into ‘controls’. (We have evidence that PD-probands’ spouses are down-the-way towards PD.)We use quantitative metagenomics to investigate species/strains with altered abundance associated with disease facets, metabolomics and immunobiology to define putative mediators/pathways, stratifying for human risk/immune-inflammatory genetics.