Professor Morris Brown

Professor Morris Brown


Professor Morris Brown FBPhS


William Harvey Research Institute

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Morris Brown, FMedSci, was the Foundation Professor of Clinical Pharmacology in the University of Cambridge and established the Wellcome Trust/GSK interdisciplinary programme in Translational Medicine and Therapeutics. He is now Professor of Endocrine Hypertension at the William Harvey Research Institute of Barts and the London, Queen Mary University of London. He was President of the British Hypertension Society 2005-2007 and led the British Heart Foundation-funded PATHWAY programme of three trials in patients with hypertension, published in 2015-16 in Lancet and Lancet Diabetes Endocrinology. His current research concentrates on the molecular stratification of primary aldosteronism, leading to precision diagnostics and treatments. Recent findings include the introduction of a non-invasive PET-CT scan, and the discovery of a commonly missed subtype of small adrenal adenomas, with distinct genotype and gene expression. He was awarded the Lilly Gold Medal of the British Pharmacological Society (2002), the Walter Somerville Medal of the British Cardiac Society (2006), and Royal College of Physicians/Lancet award (2016) for outstanding research contributing to excellent patient care.