Dr David Clarke Ph.D

Dr David Clarke Ph.D


Dr David Clarke Ph.D FBPhS


Afferent Pharmaceuticals (CA) and Recordati (Italy)

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Professional Status: 1969-present: Preclinical Consultant for Afferent Pharmaceuticals, CA, USA (now Merck) and Recordati, Milan, Italy. Distinguished Scientist at Syntex/Roche, CA, USA 1989-1996: Professor of Pharmacology, University of Houston, TX, USA 1973-1989: University of Pittsburgh, 1969-1973: University of Bradford, 1961-1969.Discoveries: SSAO linked with diabetes (with Barbara Hayes): Discovery/definition of the 5HT-4 receptor (with Doug Craig): Discovery of the beta-3-adrenoceptor, identifying nadolol as first antagonist (with Richard Bond): Discovery/classification of the alpha-1A/1L-adrenoceptor (with Anthony Ford): First to equate the alpha-1A with alpha-1L receptor and the alpha-1D with the alpha-1C receptor; led to the deletion of the alpha-1C appellation. (All research above has contributed to the discovery of novel therapeutic agents.) Initiated a P2X3 antagonist programme at Roche and consulted with Anthony Ford (Programme Leader) through Afferent to present status (Phase 3) with Merck (MK-7264/AF-219: First drug in class).