Professor Serge Cremers

Professor Serge Cremers


Professor Serge Cremers FBPhS


Columbia University Medical Center

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Serge Cremers received his PharmD from the University of Groningen and his PhD in clinical pharmacology from the University of Leiden in The Netherlands where he also trained as a Hospital Pharmacist. After a postdoctoral fellowship at Novartis Oncology in Florham Park NJ, he joined the faculty of Columbia University in New York City where he currently is Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology and Medicine. He is the Director of the Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory at Columbia University Irving Medical Center, which develops and runs mass spectrometry-based assays for drugs and biomarkers in support of clinical research and patient care. His research is focused on clinical pharmacology of drugs in metabolic bone diseases, cancer, transplantation, infectious diseases, and psychiatry. Professor Cremers is also the Editor-in-Chief of the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.