Dr Christine Edmead

Dr Christine Edmead


Dr Christine Edmead


University of Bath

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Dr Christine Edmead is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies for the Pharmacology programmes within the Department for Life Sciences at the University of Bath. She has led on the development of innovative and engaging strategies for the delivery of a practical and research-focused curriculum. Her previous work has included strategies to enhance group working, utilising a flipped approach to learning and encouraging application of knowledge through problem-based case studies. Her current projects are focused on inclusive approaches to enhance the learning experience of all her students. Her enthusiastic and engaging approach in the classroom, support of colleagues in developing their practice and her approach to curriculum design led to her being awarded a number of Teaching Awards including an NTF award in 2015. She has sat on the BPS Education and Training Committee for four years and presented at several Pharmacology conferences. She has been personally commissioned to develop self-test web-based resources to accompany the publication of the 9th and 10th editions of Rang and Dale Pharmacology.