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Dr Jane Escott

Dr Jane Escott


Dr Jane Escott


AstraZeneca R&D

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Dr Jane Escott is a Senior Director at AstraZeneca, who has contributed to the development of new therapeutics over her 20 years in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Jane completed a BSc (1st Class Honours) in Pharmacology and a PhD at King’s College London investigating mechanisms of neurogenic inflammation. Currently, Jane leads licensing and collaboration opportunities for the Respiratory and Immunology therapy area. Jane’s pharmacology/translational science expertise has influenced the progression of novel therapeutic agents from preclinical to early clinical development in multiple disease areas and she has also championed the repositioning of deprioritized compounds. Jane established a variety of ‘Open innovation’ initiatives through unique partnerships with academic disease experts and grant funders and was the Alliance manager for the MRC/AZ ‘Asset Sharing’ grant award scheme. As a keen advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, Jane actively supports inclusion and diversity initiatives in AstraZeneca and the wider scientific community.