Dr Paul Mitchell

Dr Paul Mitchell


Dr Paul Mitchell FBPhS


University of Bath

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Dr Paul J Mitchell is a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in the Dept of Life Sciences at the University of Bath. He began his pharmacological career working for Beecham Pharmaceuticals (completing a degree in Applied Biology) before studying for a PhD at Bath examining the effect of psychotropic drugs on rodent social behaviour in the resident-intruder and social hierarchy paradigms. He then joined Wyeth-Ayerst to continue his research using these behavioural models which ultimately led directly to the identification and development of venlafaxine for the treatment of depressive illness. Returning to Bath to continue his research, he now teaches pharmacology at both UG and PG level. His educational focus has always been on the importance of robust experimental design and statistical analysis which resulted in a complete programme of study for UG/PG students at Bath and the University of Galway, coupled to his textbook Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis for Pharmacology and the Biomedical Sciences (Wiley 2022). Paul currently sits on the BPS E&T Committee and is CEO/MD of Experides Ltd providing guidance and education in experimental design and statistical analysis.