Professor Russ Chess-Williams

Professor Russ Chess-Williams


Professor Russ Chess-Williams FBPhS


Bond University

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Russ Chess-Williams is Director of the Centre for Urology Research at the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine, Bond University, Australia. He has previously directed research and taught at the Universities of Sheffield, Liverpool and Cardiff in the UK. At Bond University he has previously held positions as Faculty Associate Dean of Research and Head of the Biomedical Science department. His research interests focus on the development of new drug treatments for diseases of the lower urinary tract. His recent studies have focused on the role of the urothelium in regulating lower urinary tract function and bladder sensory mechanisms in health and disease. He was involved in the early pre-clinical studies with tamsulosin, solifenacin and mirabegron.. He has published >400 articles that have received >6000 citations. He has received funding from both British and Australian research councils and his published works include original papers in European Urology and Nature.