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Pharmacology education and employment landscape report launch

12 Sep 2017 by Lisa Wallace, Steven Tucker, Anna Zecharia published September 2017

Today the Society has published a report from PwC showing that pharmacology is alive and well in UK higher education, and that graduates go on to a wide range of successful careers.

Through the eyes of a young pharmacologist: The value of internships and work experience

12 Sep 2017 by Ross King, Sam Groom, Joanna Clarke, Vedia Can in Young pharmacologists published September 2017

The Society’s published report from PwC shows that pharmacology is alive and well in UK higher education, and that graduates go on to a wide range of successful careers. The PwC report also points to the value of internships and work experience and our young pharmacologists agree.

Meet the Medicine Makers

11 Sep 2017 by James Brown published September 2017

It all began with the 1962 hit novelty song, Monster Mash by Bobby “Boris” Pickett. In 2009, Dr Steven Rossington from the University of Salford, UK used a Biochemical Society Scientific Outreach Grant to create a giant 3D molecular modelling workshop for schools.

Young Pharmacologists update

04 Sep 2017 by Vedia Can in Young pharmacologists published September 2017

At the British Pharmacological Society, we define a “young pharmacologist” as an Undergraduate, Postgraduate or Early Career member, usually individuals who are no more than five years post-PhD or medical qualification.

Affinity groups update

22 Aug 2017 by David Kendall, Elizabeth Rosethorne, Niall Hyland in Affinity groups published August 2017

The Drug Discovery, Development & Evaluation (DDDE) Affinity Group aims to support members of the Society with interests in all aspects of pharmacology from drug discovery to prescribed use including target identification, drug development, safety pharmacology, conduct of medical research and clinical trials, approval and licensing. DDDE also serves members with interests in natural products and nutraceuticals. Key to this is integrating the interests of members across academic, clinical and industrial settings.

Meetings update

21 Aug 2017 by Niall Hyland in Meetings update published August 2017

At our most recent Focused Meeting, the Society welcomed delegates to the University of Nottingham for a two-day conference organised by the Society’s Drug Discovery, Development and Evaluation Affinity Group co-chairs Professor David Kendall (Pharmnovo AB, UK) and Dr Elizabeth Rosethorne (University of Nottingham, UK).

2016 British Journal of Pharmacology Early Career Researcher Prize

15 Aug 2017 by Nicolas Monjotin published August 2017

Each year the Society awards an annual prize of £1,000 for the best paper published by an early career researcher in an issue of the British Journal of Pharmacology (BJP) during the previous 12 months. The goal of the BJP Early Career Researcher Prize is to recognise outstanding work by young pharmacology investigators and to encourage them to submit their most exciting pharmacological work to BJP.

The Schachter Award in action

10 Aug 2017 by Simon Cleary, Joanna Clarke published August 2017

Twice a year the British Pharmacological Society awards the Schachter Award to a postgraduate research student. Here, the two winners from 2016, Simon Cleary and Joanna Clarke, report on their Schachter Award visits and reflect on what they gained from their experiences.

Ambassadors update: Pharmacology Summer School at the University of East London

25 Jul 2017 by Samir Ayoub published July 2017

Samir Ayoub, Society Ambassador, tells the story of the summer school he ran to promote pharmacology to young people in the local area.


25 Jul 2017 by Margaret Cunningham in Editorial published July 2017

Firstly, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself as your new Editor-in-Chiefs. Pharmacology Matters has grown from strength to strength so I know I will have big shoes to fill but I’m excited to be involved in driving Pharmacology Matters in new directions.

Your Society

26 Jun 2017 by Jono Bruun in Your Society published June 2017

It’s quite something to think that by the end of this year we will have delivered and reported on our 2012–2017 strategy. I’m struck by just how far we as a Society have come in that time: increasing and diversifying our membership, ramping up our engagement with policymakers, and sharpening our brand and how we present ourselves to the wider world, among other achievements.