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A tool for doctors to review the medications of complex cases

19 Oct 2020 published October 2020

Chris Threapleton explains how his research team are working to reduce the negative effects of taking multiple medicines. 

Facing mental health challenges together: our experience during COVID-19

09 Oct 2020 published October 2020

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on 10 October 2020, our CEO Rachel Lambert-Forsyth shares how the Society, as an employer, has taken on the unique mental health challenges posed by COVID-19.

Our new online Undergraduate Network launches

07 Oct 2020 published October 2020

Lee Page and Steve Tucker announce the launch of the Undergraduate Network, a online place for students to connect with other pharmacology undergraduates 

Graham Russell: A 50-year odyssey with bisphosphonates, bone biology and beyond.

02 Oct 2020 in Editorial published October 2020

This year, Graham Russell was awarded the prestigious Sir James Black Award, presented by the British Pharmacological Society in recognition of his contributions to drug discovery. Read this blog and register for ELRIG’s Drug Discovery Digital conference to hear directly from this genuine, humble, world-class scientist.

President's message: Members continue to contribute expertise in the fight against COVID-19

23 Sep 2020 in Editorial published September 2020

As the UK seems to be at the start of a “second wave” of COVID-19 infections, Munir Pirmohamed takes a look at how Society members are contributing their expertise in both clinical and non-clinical settings, despite extremely challenging circumstances.

New elearning Resource on Blinding in Experimental Design

15 Sep 2020 published September 2020

The British Pharmacological Society recently developed a new elearning resource on Blinding in Experimental Design. We take a look at the background, reach and impact of this new educational tool.

Parliamentary Links Day: Q & A

27 Aug 2020 published August 2020

Selected questions and answers from Parliamentary Links Day, the largest science event on the Parliamentary calendar

RCP Excellence in Patient Care Award: Winner's blog - Prescribing Safety Assessment

13 Aug 2020 published August 2020

Professor Simon Maxwell outlines the Prescribing Safety Assessment, designed to ensure that new graduates have the knowledge and skills to safely prescribe and supervise medicines in modern healthcare.

University priorities in preparing for the academic year 2020-21

30 Jul 2020 published July 2020

Vice President of Academic Development, Dr Steven Tucker, shares more from a meeting of our Education and Training Committee, focussing on the priorities for the academic year ahead, in light of the changes brought about by the pandemic.

President's message: Journey to WCP2022

29 Jun 2020 in Editorial published July 2020

Munir Pirmohamed invites to join us in making the 19th World Congress of Basic & Clinical Pharamcology 2020 a true celebration of science.

President's message: Annual Review

29 Jun 2020 in Editorial published June 2020

Munir Pirmohamed takes a look takes a look at some of the highlights from our Annual Review, and ahead to the future.